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A Word to the Wise

I can only recommend a seminar with Ivan Balabanov. It was really amazing. He never loses concentration, gets tired, or becomes impatient. I've never seen somebody hold a seminar and work with each individual for so long one-on-one.

Uta Bindels

I started training with Ivan in 2004 with my Malinois Eli vom Teufelhund, who was one year old at the time. With Ivan’s program we built an excellent foundation on Eli’s protection phase. Ivan was instrumental in mine and Eli’s performances. Training with Ivan has influenced my way of thinking on how dogs learn in the sport of schutzhund.

Steve Gregalunas

I've been fortunate to train with Ivan for many years and consider him a mentor and true friend. Without question, he has been a huge influence and inspiration as he has forever changed the way I think and train. I guess the ultimate compliment is that I work with him whenever I get the chance. Ivan is the best at what he does.

Greg Doud

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Dec 10-12

Plant City, FL

Annual TWC Trainer’s Summit

Dec 13-14

Plant City, FL

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Dec 17-19

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