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World-Renowned Training

Ivan Balabanov’s global following of dog lovers look up to him for what is said to be the most innovative approach in dog training techniques.
With over 30 years of experience training, breeding, and competing on an international level,
he is inspiring dog owners, trainers and competitors to adopt a new style of communication that generates unprecedented results.
His extensive library of training videos demonstrates a variety of methods you can apply right away.

Ivan’s Most Popular Lessons:

The Possession Games

One of the foundational games used in Ivan’s methodology.  Possession games teaches owners not only how to play with their dog, but more importantly how to train a powerful, strong, and confident dog using play as a vessel to achieve amazing results!
Now available with Spanish and German subtitles!

Chase & Catch

Many dog trainers underestimate the importance of play in their training, however for me, play is by far the most valuable motivational tool I use. The way I teach and use Chase & Catch has dramatically evolved since the first video was released.
Now available with
Spanish subtitles!

Teaching the OUT Command

The “OUT Command” is one of Ivan Balabanov’s core training principles and touted as a true innovation in the dog-training world. The psychology behind the “OUT Command” also forms a key component of Ivan’s Training Without Conflict™ methodology, which has led him to win 2 World Championships and 12 National Championships.

Ivan’s Guide to Raising Great Puppies

Whether it’s a sport dog, a service dog, a working K-9, or simply your beloved pet, there are particular things you need to know to raise puppies to become amazing dogs no matter what their future holds.

Client Testimonials

If you’re looking to supercharge your knowledge in training dogs,
whether you are a beginning dog trainer, a seasoned professional,
or a world level competitor, Ivan can open your mind to a
new evolution in dog training.
Here’s what some of his clients and colleagues are
saying about him.

“I have been fortunate to train with Ivan for many years now and consider him a mentor and true friend. Without question, he has been a huge influence and inspiration to me as he has forever changed the way I think and train. I guess the ultimate compliment is that I work with him whenever I get the chance. Ivan is truly the best at what he does.”

Greg Doud

“I only can recommend a seminar with Ivan Balabanov. It was really amazing, Ivan never looses concentration, gets tired or becomes inpatient. I have never seen somebody holding a seminar and working with each individual for so long one on one. It was really great! And also when Ivan explains something he likes to compare it with examples, so even the theory was colorful!”

Uta Bindels

“I started training with Ivan in 2004 with my Malinois Eli vom Teufelhund, who was one year old at the time. Under Ivan’s program we built an excellent foundation on Eli’s protection phase. Ivan was very instrumental in mine and Eli’s performances. Since I’ve been training with Ivan he has influenced my way of thinking on how dogs learn in the sport of schutzhund.”

Steve Gregalunas