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TWC Professional Certification

You’re invited to expand your knowledge, enhance your dog training skills, and exponentially grow your business by becoming a Certified TWC Trainer


Grow Your Business

Ivan and the Training Without Conflict™ support team are committed to helping you expand your business by adding this highly acclaimed methodology to your client offerings. It's the same approach that has led the creator, Ivan Balabanov, to win 12 National Championships and 2 World Championships.


Enhance Your Training Skills

No other trainer in the dog training world has achieved the level of success that Ivan has achieved. As a Certified Trainer of the Training Without Conflict™ methodology, you have access to the philosophy and approach that has made him an international champion and universally respected pioneer of dog training!


Join The Community

Be part of the global movement that will help pioneer Ivan’s next evolution in dog training!

the curriculum


Psychology: A Foundation for Modern Training


Learning: The Acquisition of Knowledge


Dog Training: An Evolving Art


The Environment and Learning Dynamics


Two Main Approaches to Training


Play: An Innate Brain System as a Motivator


Clear Communication, Signals and Markers


Expanding the Potential of Positive Reinforcement


The Science of Escape and Avoidance Learning


The Advantages of Using Aversives in Punishment


After 30 years of development, raising and training over 1,000 puppies, winning 12 National and 2 World Championships, and helping thousands of trainers around the world, Ivan's TWC Certification Course will teach you the methods necessary to achieve all your goals!


Ivan and the Training Without Conflict support team are on a mission to change the way dog owners view dog training and the way they interact with their dogs. Training Without Conflict is a dog friendly system that thrives on social interaction instead of escape/avoidance responses.


A Word to the Wise

Ivan Balabanov is, in my opinion, the most gifted competitive sport trainer in this country. I have learned more from my time training with, and from watching Ivan, than from any other single trainer in my career. He is thoughtful, innovative, and insightful. If you are interested in dog training, you should expose yourself to Ivan Balabanov.

Michael Ellis

I met Ivan in 2000 in Australia where he held a seminar. I recognized immediately that I watched an exceptionally talented handler and helper, who isn’t only intuitive but also understands his craft intellectually. I am very interested in his philosophies that have been developed to maximize the possibilities with the dog.

Dr. Helmut Raiser

I can only recommend a seminar with Ivan Balabanov. It was really amazing. He never loses concentration, gets tired, or becomes impatient. I've never seen somebody hold a seminar and work with each individual for so long one-on-one.

Uta Bindels

I've been fortunate to train with Ivan for many years and consider him a mentor and true friend. Without question, he has been a huge influence and inspiration as he has forever changed the way I think and train. I guess the ultimate compliment is that I work with him whenever I get the chance. Ivan is the best at what he does.

Greg Doud

I started training with Ivan in 2004 with my Malinois Eli vom Teufelhund, who was one year old at the time. With Ivan’s program we built an excellent foundation on Eli’s protection phase. Ivan was instrumental in mine and Eli’s performances. Training with Ivan has influenced my way of thinking on how dogs learn in the sport of schutzhund.

Steve Gregalunas

certification faq

Who can become a Certified Professional TWC Dog Trainer?

For professional dog trainers, we're currently accepting individuals with an existing dog training business. By enhancing your existing skills, you will be able to accelerate the speed at which you generate results for your clients using the TWC methodology. If you do not have an existing dog training business, we invite you to apply for the Practitioner Certification, which enables you to use the TWC approach to train with your own dog, though we do not permit the methodology to be taught to others or be used for training other peoples' dogs.

What is the cost for the TWC Professional Dog Trainer Certification Program?

The cost for the program is $10,000 USD.

Do you offer payment plans?

For some of our more expensive products like Professional and Practitioner Certifications, we have payment plan options available upon request. Let us know and we'll work with you to find the best solution.

How do I apply for the next virtual Professional Certification group?

The steps are listed below.

  • Step 1 – Apply and pay the $97 application fee.

  • Step 2 – After submitting your application, you will be contacted by Erick Aguirre, the TWC Director of Education, to discuss any questions you may have about the program.

  • Step 3 – Ivan and Erick will evaluate your application and come to a decision on your acceptance into the program.

  • Step 4 – If you are approved, you will be given the registration link to secure your spot in this elite group of participants.

How long is the TWC Certification Program?

The course is 18 modules that are released every Monday and Thursday until all 18 modules are available. The course is released over a period of 9 weeks, but trainers have access to the course materials for one year from the beginning date of their class.

What does the final exam entail?

The final exam includes a written test of your understanding of Ivan’s Training Without Conflict™ training methodology. The final written exam takes place during a TWC Trainer's Weekend at the end of of the program.

Trainers that successfully pass the final written exam will be notified and provided criteria to demonstrate their skills training a dog for the practical portion of the final exam.

The practical exam takes place once you return home after the trainer's weekend and you are expected to use client dogs to demonstrate your skills.

Trainers that successfully pass the written and practical exams will be awarded the title of Training Without Conflict™ Certified Professional Dog Trainer and be listed in the TWC Trainer's Directory along with many other perks.

What if I cannot travel to the facility for the final exam and graduation?

Trainers are provided one full year to attend a trainer's weekend. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, international trainers have an extended (at this moment, indefinite) period of time to be able to attend the final exam.

As travel bans are lifted, we reserve the right to notify trainers of a change to this policy.

As a certified trainer, what tools/benefits are provided upon certification?

A summary of benefits and tools are listed below.

  • Approved use of the TWC methodology in your business

  • Attend the private monthly Q&A with Ivan

  • Early access to Ivan’s Training Without Conflict™ Podcast

  • Early access to sign up for Ivan’s workshops and seminars

  • Approved use of the official TWC trademarked logo and certification seal in your marketing

  • Approved use of TWC marketing collateral (flyers, ads, digital promotion samples)

  • A listing on the TWC certified trainer page on Ivan’s website

  • Ability to sell approved TWC branded products (shirts, eCollars, etc)

  • Access to the private TWC Professional Facebook community

  • Access to the TWC online Certification Resource Center

  • Invitation to the annual Certified Trainer Retreat (additional fees required; date TBD)


Applying for certification is simple! You'll pay an application fee, then we'll reach out via email to learn more about you and your dog. We'll schedule a call to answer your questions and make sure this is the right next step for you.