Steve Sprague


Obedience & Behavior

Private Training



Kennewick, Washington

United States


My first “professional” dog training gig was at the age of 12. I talked my neighbor into letting me train his dog at the price of $10 per trick. Because of that arrangement I was able to be the first kid on the block to have a Diskman. More significant than the money and reward I earned, that summer taught me the hard lessons of patience, consistency, determination, but also the great joy of working with dogs.Since then I have made it a goal to continually increase my knowledge and improve my training skills. This continual quest for improvement led me to the opportunity to see my first Sit Means Sit trainer in action. What he was able to accomplish with a dog in such a short time blew my mind. For the next few years I studied the Sit Means Sit system and training methods, watching many dogs transform into happy, obedient, dependable companions.After seeing the consistent results of this proven system, I decided to become a certified Sit Means Sit trainer. Now I am happy to be able to bring this system from America’s largest dog training company to the Tri-Cities, Washington.