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Colchester, Vermont

United States


I have always had a love for animals my entire life.  I fell into the world of dog training quite accidentally.  After having been badly bitten in the face by a dog when I was 20, I never owned one until much later in life.  My world collided with the right people at the right time and I adopted the right dog who led me to become who I am today.  I began my dog training career in 2016, working as head trainer for the rescue that I adopted Brick from.  I worked in the kennel system there for four years, while building my private training business on the side.  Originally Brick Approved K9, my business evolved and we finally re-branded as Alpine Dog Training and Adventure Team.  Today, I focus on helping your dog be the happiest and best he dog he can be.  I offer board train programs, private training and occasional puppy classes.  I also hike with an off leash dog pack.  Alone with 10-13 dogs, we have several hundred private acres of forest and pastures, lined with a river, swimming holes and waterfalls.  Off leash freedom to me, is one of the single most important things to teach your dog.  Without that, you can’t have the freedom that my Adventure Team  has.  It is a wonderful thing to see 13 dogs spread out and run free!  I feel like I have just begun as a professional with my TWC Certification, and am so proud to bring Alpine Dog to a new level with these training methods supporting us.  I have a much higher level of knowledge to bring to my clients now and that is super exciting!