John Strumsky


Mobile Dog Training

Obedience & Behavior

Puppy Training


Hanover, Pennsylvania

United States


Strumsky K9 Services is a mobile dog training service for those people that need dog training but just can't find the time in their schedule to travel. Strumsky K9 will bring the training to you! Your home, your job, the park, your children’s sporting events or anywhere that you may frequently take your 4 legged companion, we will help you train your dog. This is real training, in real situations, for real life that you can use on a daily basis.Let us teach you how to clearly and effectively communicate with your dog to ensure a well-behaved, happy and obedient dog that you can take anywhere, at anytime, with no worries. Our services range from basic pet obedience to advanced/competitive obedience, home/personal protection, aggression and behavioral modification, puppy socialization and much more.