Eric Spaulding


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Jamestown, New York

United States


Eric is the dog trainer of the Priceless Pack based south of Buffalo, New York near the Pennsylvania border. Eric’s area of expertise is behavior modification and training pet dogs to follow commands in their day-to-day lives. Whether your dog is timid, fearful, strong, or destructive, the goal is to make your dog somebody. Having fully immersed himself in the TWC™ methodology, Eric approaches his newest dog training business with a fresh perspective and honed skills.Dogs in the Priceless Pack receive training in real-life situations, mostly outdoors, where they encounter actual distractions. Their learning environment goes beyond the confines of a pet store or an indoor training room free of squirrels and noises.Eric’s utmost concern is their emotional state and overall welfare, and he aims to offer a service that he would want for his own dogs. He doesn't suppress their arousal, and you can easily notice the difference in his training by observing the dogs’ enthusiasm during play.The main focus of our training programs is to build your dog’s confidence and understanding of the world. But the initial goal is to gain your dog’s TRUST. Through play and proper communication, Eric will work on building you a better relationship with your dog to help them through everyday struggles. Training programs are customized to meet your dog’s specific needs, going at their pace to achieve dog training dogs love.