Dylan Rowse



Calgary, Alberta



My name is Dylan Rowse and I’m the founder of Chinook K-9 Professional Dog Training in Calgary Alberta. I’ve always had an incredible passion for dogs, as well as a strong desire to help others so when I was introduced to the world of sport and pet dog training I knew I had found my calling helping people and their beloved pets.Thanks to the continued education and guidance of other industry leading professionals, as well as countless hours of training hundreds of dogs, including my own, in varying disciplines, I continue to hone my skills and knowledge as a trainer and have made it my life’s goal to help others find the same level of success in their relationships with their dogs that I’ve found with my own. With experience in behavior modification, obedience, protection, sport, helper/decoy work, and more, you can rest assured we will have the skills, knowledge and know how to help you and your dog acheive your goals.