Courtney Butler



Toronto, Ontario



Having grown up with animals of all kinds, I went into a program in University that brought me into the field of biology and working with wild animals for research. As soon as I graduated I knew I wanted a dog and immediately started fostering with a local rescue. This journey led me to becoming heavily involved with rescue dogs with all kinds of behavioural issues, and so grew my interest and motivation to find a way to work with them. Living in a city, I saw unique challenges to many of the rescue dogs that were imported here and played around with many different training methods.I discovered play based training along the way, and became more curious than ever, leading me to Ivan and the TWC program. My approach to working with dogs is centered on creating a relationship between the dog and human that is full of trust, respect and fun. My goal for each dog and owner team is to create a motivated dog that can cope with the stressors of living in a city, while finding fun and fulfilling outlets for each dog to truly let go and be a dog. In my down time I enjoy hiking and camping with my dog, and training for herding and GRC dog sports.