Brant Weller


Leash Training

Anxiety & Aggression


McGaheysville, Virginia

United States


I love dogs and when I created anxiety and aggression issues in my personal dogs, I committed to do everything I could to help them. I have trained in many different systems and many different methodologies and have learned a lot along the way, but TWC has been the highest level of understanding and training I've ever experienced. I'm so excited to put that to use to help dogs from many different circumstances here in Virginia.I made it my goal to be good at rehabilitating anxiety and aggression in dogs because I had to help my dogs. Along the way, I learned how to help many others and to improve confidence in dogs through teaching them a new relationship with their owners, how to let go of the things that cause them so much worry, and how to engage and refine their primary sense of smell. In my years as a trainer, I have trained hundreds of breeds and am confident I can help your dog relax and become more confident with you and with their environment! Let’s get started!