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Ivan Balabanov is known worldwide for his paradigm shifting knowledge in dog training. Although many possess the ability to train a dog, few people have the gift of teaching other trainers how to train a dog to a world championship level like Ivan. His workshops are a highly sought after, life changing, and mind altering experience that will revolutionize anyone’s ability to work with dogs.

Having Ivan Balabanov come to you for a private or public training event is one of the best ways to benefit from the increasing popularity of the TWC Methodology.

It’s an opportunity to experience first-hand Ivan’s unique ability to teach on how to properly train a dog to a world championship level.

Workshops can be arranged to meet your specific needs so that you and your attendees have the best experience possible.

Scheduling a private training with Ivan

If you are interested in scheduling a private training with Ivan or want to host a public training in your area, please fill out the Workshop Inquiry Form at the link below. Our team will email you within 24 hours to explore next steps.

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