The TWC Professional Certification Program

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… to expand your knowledge, enhance your dog training skills and exponentially grow your business by becoming a Certified Training Without Conflict™ Trainer.

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Registration is $10,000
October 2021 Enrollment
Payment Options available upon request.

After decades of waiting, professional dog trainers, dog owners, and dog enthusiasts around the world finally have the opportunity to train personally with Ivan Balabanov to learn, practice, and master the Training Without Conflict™ methodology!

As a Training Without Conflict™ Certified Professional Trainer, you will have…

  • The opportunity to learn directly from Ivan, the most respected innovator in the field of dog training and protection;

  • A new approach to training dogs using the Training Without Conflict™ methodology, including professional handouts and resources;

  • Ongoing education on Ivan’s latest discoveries through a monthly Q&A call with Ivan where you will get your questions answered; and

  • Your business listed on the Certified Training Without Conflict™ Directory on Ivan’s website.

Our Commitment

Ivan and the Training Without Conflict™ support team are committed to helping you expand your business by adding this highly acclaimed methodology to your client offerings. This is the same approach to dog training that has led the creator, Ivan Balabanov, to win 12 National Championships and 2 World Championship titles.

Accelerate your success, enhance your credibility and attract new clients by becoming a Certified Training Without Conflict™ Trainer.

What Makes TWC Certification Different

The TWC Certification Program is one of the most sought-after certification programs available in the dog training world today.  It combines Ivan’s extensive innovative online curriculum, live group discussions and an in-person workshop in Plant City, Florida with Ivan and his team that will allow him to assess your knowledge, hone your abilities, and finally certify you as a TWC Certified Trainer!

Whether you are an experienced professional dog trainer looking to improve your business, a sport training enthusiast, or a dog training hobbyist seeking the knowledge to begin their career in dog training, the TWC Certification is a perfect stepping-off point for anyone seeking the next evolution in dog training!

No other trainer in the dog training world has achieved the level of success that Ivan has achieved. As a Certified Trainer of the Training Without Conflict™ methodology, you have access to the philosophy and approach that has made Ivan an international champion and a universally respected pioneer of dog training!

Why Become Certified in the TWC Methodology…

  • Learn Ivan’s science-based approach to training dogs that will forever change how you train and interact with yours and your clients’ dogs.
  • Achieve accelerated results training your client’s dogs utilizing these proven principles and techniques.
  • Gain new client referrals through your listing on the Training Without Conflict™ Directory.
  • Access business-building resources for using the Training Without Conflict™ approach to better serve your clients.
  • Access to turn-key marketing resources for gaining exposure during the launch of Ivan’s highly anticipated book launch in the fall of 2020.
  • Join monthly Q&A calls with Ivan where you get the latest insights from his ongoing research.
  • Gain the skills and tools to help you find new clients who are looking for a TWC certified trainer.
  • Join a community of elite leaders in the international field of dog training.
  • Be part of the global movement that will help pioneer Ivan’s next evolution in dog training!

Certification Enrollment Now Open for October 2021!

We are now accepting enrollment for our next Training Without Conflict™ Certification Program class.  This group will begin in late October 2021 and wrap up in January 2022.

If you are a professional dog trainer wanting to add this game-changing certification to your list of credentials, now is the time to get in.

As a participant you will have 24/7 access to Ivan’s state-of-the-art online academy, where you will find…

  • Powerful pre-work videos and homework to give you a strong foundational understanding of Ivan’s work.

  • Professionally produced video lectures for each of the 18 modules.

  • Recorded Q&A sessions from Ivan’s live Certification retreat at his Plant City.

  • A downloadable workbook for each module.

  • Six Live Q&A sessions with Ivan to solidify your learning and enhance your comprehension.

  • Module exams to ensure your complete comprehension.

*Certification Enrollment Now Open for October 2021!

Curriculum Overview: A New Clinical Skill-Set

Further your career, increase your credibility and refine your dog training skills by being among the first
to be certified by Ivan Balabanov in the Training Without Conflict methodology.

Are You Ready To Get Certified?

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  • Step 4: Schedule a call to meet with Erick Aguirre to address any remaining questions and make sure this is the right next step for you.

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